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My Zombie Weekend Update :)

Published March 4, 2013 by ditsyhaze

Hiya, happy monday!

I was a bit under the weather over the weekend- think pjs and zombie mode on the sofa!

so today, I made the effort to feel pretty and funky, even if it is just to fool myself into thinking I feel better!



Just an easy quick, everyday type look.




I kept myself busy with a few things ,apart from being a mum to two very excitable kids!

Firstly, my delivery arrived from ebay 🙂 LOVE  getting post!

I ordered some studs and bits and bobs to make hair accessories  So even though I felt poo, I customised my new plain hoody!  I’m pleased with how it turned out. Ill show you that soon :)…If ya want ;p

Also, Raven, My nearly 6yr old daughter has been loving drawing with my oil pastels, so last night it inspired me to have  a doodle with those.

I have to say, I enjoyed being creative after so long. There is alot of room for improvement, but it was good to get s tarted. I used to paint and draw all the time, but I never know what to draw and just get that blank paper-stare!

This is one of my doodles;


I cant wait to get started on the hair accessories 🙂

what do you do when you’re feeling creative?

Have a great day, Haziefantazie xxx



We all need a little down-time :)

Published January 1, 2013 by ditsyhaze

Oh, my poor little Blog, I’m so sorry I neglected you… I got caught up in tinsel and school plays, and all manner of distracting, time consuming affairs!….

raynativity xmas home glitterglueray


Then I was soo tired and sleepy I nestled down in the comfiest spot I could find to rest awhile. and so, you were left to your own devices. apologies. x

I do have lots to share from the last few weeks, but today I have this;

Seeing as I’m sure I’m not the only one exhausted from the festive season, I’ll share with you a few links to the sites, Blogs and You Tubers that I enjoy watching and reading when I’m having to rest up.


melon Lady

My favourite at the Moment is ‘Melon Lady’, She is a wonderful, crazy, happy lady with a sense of style and an infectious laugh. If ever I feel the need for a pick-me- up, I go to her videos because she always makes me smile. ( and quite often burst out laughing, making my family look at me like I’m the crazy one!)




This is a silly little page that posts lots of pics of things that make me laugh 🙂



The next You Tuber I watch alot of is The Cherry Doll Face.cherrydf

She is a lovely lady with an interest in vintage, tattoos, hair, makeup, rockabilly and all that genre of things that tickle my girly fancy!

She does awesome tutorials and is fun to watch 🙂




I recently discovered a fantastic artist called Kerry Evans whilst at the 1st Jurrasic Coast Tattoo Convention, and so have been looking through her work and admiring it all and dreaming of hanging her paintings around my home!



I do have an awesome kerry evans ‘Diego and Rosa’ mug though! -win!!


Kerry’s web site is-   http://www.kerryevansart.co.uk/index.html


And If all that is too much to contemplate, or you just need to relax, I go here

sound healing

trust me, you can zone right out listening to this track! It lasts for 46 mins too.


So when I get the chance, and the little people are tucked up in bed and Mr Monst is in his gaming land, I plug in my headphones and go on adventures with random quirky tallented people on the web!

Its also great medicine for feeling unwell. I get to have fun and explore and learn new things, while my body rests up 🙂

I hope you find them as entertaining as I do 😀

With lots of love to you all

xxxxxx Haziefantazie xxxxx




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