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Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside ! :D

Published December 9, 2012 by ditsyhaze

Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside 🙂

1- Breathe! really breathe, close your eyes and ‘watch’ your breath. just be aware of how you breathe. make sure you take a nice deep-down-into-your-belly-breath !


2-Stretch, No matter how immobile or creaky you are feeling, just stretch out whatever you can, reach up to the sky and down into the earth.. 🙂 


Wiggle wiggle!

3- Listen to music, whatever makes your heart sing and your toes tap, or if you need to relax, I like this-  

4-  Visit the Random Acts Of kindness website, they send you an email each day giving you a simple random act to perform, they definitely make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!



5- tell someone you love them! (maybe it could be you?)

6- connect with nature! in anyway possible.


7- List 5 things you are grateful for right now 🙂

*my comfy sofa

 *spawn and spooky mog snuggled next to me

* My new soft carpet 🙂

*the internet connection!

*My hubby’s cold is getting better-phew!

…see easy peasy 😛 Ok, where did we get to?

8- Make your bed! nope I’m not going doo-lally, apparently it really does make a difference!, try it and let me know 😛

9- plan a phone call with someone special, or if it isn’t unreasonably late- call them now! 🙂


10- congratulate yourself on making it all the way to number TEN!! woo ‘go you’! ( you gotta  celebrate the little things!



What do you do to feel the joy?

Till next time- Love you, Mwah! xxx



*It starts within you *

Published November 29, 2012 by ditsyhaze

We go through life not knowing if we are doing ok.

How do we measure success, happiness, joy?

More often than we should it is with the validation of others. when someone tells you how well you have done or shows their approval of your achievements. The thing is, this can leave you so empty. Everyone is submerged in their own bubbles of thought and to- lists, life and reality, that there is little space left for anything else.

I have struggled with this. ( I really have)

But I now realize, I am doing great! I just haven’t taken a moment to stop and recognise my own progress.

Yesterday I had one of those moments.

I was lucky enough to be able to take time and realize that I’m on the right path.

I just want to let you all know; you don’t need the approval of others to feel good about yourself! You can do it for your self.

Talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend.

Smile when you look in the mirror.

Notice each tiny step you make toward positivity or a goal you have in mind. compliment yourself…


Take time in nature, light candles and be cozy ;P

have moments of quiet and stillness to check in with your body. What do you need, what is your body asking for?, rest, water, love?

You are amazing.

Think about how far you have come, what has made you strong, the lessons you have endured. The person you are and the good you do. You are doing ok 🙂

focus on the present, the here and now.

Focus on your positives.

Know that you are doing ok. 🙂

Please try to be there for yourself.

If others want to shower you with love and support- wonderful, fantastic!

But remember, the loving and support you need starts within you. ❤

But just for the record; I think you’re Awesome! 😉



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