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Fatshionfebruary the outfits I loved :)

Published March 1, 2013 by ditsyhaze

I have been feeling all bereft. its over 😦 sob…

So I decided to peruse all 200 -plus entries and share with you some of the outfits that I loved 🙂

First, Let me introduce you to the lovely – hellokatiexo

hellokatiexo tumblr_mhts7wX2sI1qg9qxjo1_500

She says about herself;

~My name’s Katie, i’m 22, from New York and i’m happily taken. I like cupcakes, baking, thrifting, dresses, lipstick, cats, pugs, owls, Hello Kitty, Brand New, and Parks and Recreation. ♥~

I love the colours she puts together and the Kitschy-ness of her look and her home! I have a soft spot for owls 🙂 …but back to the clothes! I just love her bold style, bettie bangs and her attention to detail 🙂

Next I chose to show you –

Her style is edgy and fun and fearless;


~29. Finnish. Fat and nerdy.

Things you’ll see here: Stuff that has to do with fatshion, body politics, identity politics and fat activism. My face and outfits. Things I find funny. Cute animals. 90s nostalgia. Occasional fandom/geek/gamer stuff.~

I am yet to add a leather (or pleather more like!) jacket to my wardrobe, but it is something I really really want! so This chromatic ensemble speaks volumes to me.



~Hi! I’m Laura, a fatshionista currently living in Boston. I started this blog both because I believe in the radical power of fat visibility, and because I love shiny objects.~

That tutu, boots and hairband…awesome! serious wardrobe envy from these ladies!

And lastly, and who I believe is a strong contender;

ohkellybelly tumblr_mhzi9zegfT1qg9qxjo1_500

~I’m a queer poly fattie from NYC who enjoys unicorns and other cute things. I’m still figuring myself out.~

I love the whole, fun, bold, Bright and confident collection. I love stripey legwear, Shiny Doc’s and that cloud patterned dress! wow 😛

This is just a few of the entries this year, I encourage you to go have a look, check out their Tumblrs, and be inspired to wear what ever the hell you feel like!

Have fun, If I can do it, so can you 🙂

Haziefantazie xxx

Amazing video!! *Tess Munser’s wardrobe Revealed! *

Published February 26, 2013 by ditsyhaze


I Love TheCherrydollface and I love Tess Munster, so I was really happy dance-happy to see this video posted today!

I pretty much want all of tess’ wardrobe. especially the galaxy dress, pencil skirt and kitty ears!

There is a list of all the shops in the description box under the video- Enjoy!


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