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fatshionfeb monday 25th :)…But my PJs are sooo comfy!

Published February 25, 2013 by ditsyhaze





feb 25thootd


Hair bow from-

Cardi and vest top – Dorothy Perkins

Leggings- Sainsburies

Shoes- New look

Belt- Evans


Today was one of those days where I felt like staying in my pajamas, and I came close!

But I’m glad I played dress up, and it took 5 mins to do, but I felt so much better just with some eye-liner flicks and a nice outfit. xx

Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside ! :D

Published December 9, 2012 by ditsyhaze

Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside 🙂

1- Breathe! really breathe, close your eyes and ‘watch’ your breath. just be aware of how you breathe. make sure you take a nice deep-down-into-your-belly-breath !


2-Stretch, No matter how immobile or creaky you are feeling, just stretch out whatever you can, reach up to the sky and down into the earth.. 🙂 


Wiggle wiggle!

3- Listen to music, whatever makes your heart sing and your toes tap, or if you need to relax, I like this-  

4-  Visit the Random Acts Of kindness website, they send you an email each day giving you a simple random act to perform, they definitely make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!



5- tell someone you love them! (maybe it could be you?)

6- connect with nature! in anyway possible.


7- List 5 things you are grateful for right now 🙂

*my comfy sofa

 *spawn and spooky mog snuggled next to me

* My new soft carpet 🙂

*the internet connection!

*My hubby’s cold is getting better-phew!

…see easy peasy 😛 Ok, where did we get to?

8- Make your bed! nope I’m not going doo-lally, apparently it really does make a difference!, try it and let me know 😛

9- plan a phone call with someone special, or if it isn’t unreasonably late- call them now! 🙂


10- congratulate yourself on making it all the way to number TEN!! woo ‘go you’! ( you gotta  celebrate the little things!



What do you do to feel the joy?

Till next time- Love you, Mwah! xxx




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