me and mine :)

Hi 🙂

Welcome to my kooky little home online.

come in, stay awhile, kick off your shoes and get comfy!

This Is a happy little space for musing and exploring as we amble through life. I like to take in the scenery, soak up the atmosphere and make friends.

I live in a cozy wooded home with my Spooky mog and all the other inhabitants of my domain!

There are two mischievous elves by the names of Logan and Raven. Logan is the eldest most sensible of the two and he loves to know all there is to know about the universe and everything!

The younger, more outrageous elf is Raven. Her nook is bright pink and fluffy and filled with books as she enjoys devouring books as she sings and dances about. *do do doooo*!

The Gentle Giant of the north rules over our happy little land. His name is Monst. Monst and I have been Married happily ever after for 8 years now. He is usually found submerged in tales of dragons, zombies, and conquering the kingdom of  fable…or so it seems to me! I have no idea about those ‘computer game’ thingies, I’d  rather be poking a stick in a bonfire!

Spooky mog has an older moggy friend here too, well Spook would like to be friends… but Spoonie mog has other ideas. Spoon is old and creaky. She’s moved around a lot in her long life and wants nothing more than to sleep in a nice box and eat all the goodies she can. This Spooky Kitty has way too much springiness for her liking!

And I, am Haziefantazie, I’m sure we will get to know each other soon enough 🙂

*nice to meet you *


One comment on “me and mine :)

  • Helllllllloooooo,

    It’s been about 5years that i have met your awesome family , u are all super dooper and we have awesome random days that are always fun, watching the lil elves grow into the fantastic lil ones they are now. Love you crazy lot.


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