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Finishing fatshionfeb in my Arse Kicking Boots :D

Published February 28, 2013 by ditsyhaze

Its the last day of Fatshion february! 😦

I wish I had discovered it sooner, I’ve really enjoyed the whole process and it has helped so much with self confidence.

I have also challenged and won the battle against taking silly joke photos as a safety measure. Huzzah!!

so, last day… I felt like revealing the real, true, everyday me 🙂

dum dum duuuuum!




This is how you would find me on an average, popping to the shops, doing the school run kind-of day.

The hoody, I made a year or so ago. It is a plain cheap h&m hoodie that I customised with sfety pins and an old Opeth t-shirt. I loved the artwork on the shirt, but it just never fit me well, so i chopped it up!

The bottle green vest is from new look, Its a bubble hem vest and i love the style, so i have it in black, blue and green as they are cheap!

My leggings as always are from sainsbury’s. they do a two for £10 pack and they are good quality, so I have found them to be the best value.

Skirt was an ebay find, Its actually a petticoat that comes with a corset, but meh! I wear it out n about 😛

and my big ass kicking boots are Osago. They are super comfy and keep my feet warm. and I can walk through good squishy mud puddles!

so that’s me 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed the february journey, let me know what kind of things you would like me to blog about now that fatshionfeb is over 🙂

Lots of love, Haziefantazie xxx

Fatshion feb OOTD 27th feb :) *a pop of pink*

Published February 27, 2013 by ditsyhaze





Hiya 🙂

Today most of my outfit is from Evans, which is strange for me!

Most of the time, Evans makes me angry 😛

Everything has a mumsy-ness to it. all scoopnecks, flowy fabrics and dodgy embellishments  and then they charge a fecking fortune for the displeasure of having to buy from them because they are the only high street plus size place available!- Childhood trauma moment!!

( calm down Haze! )

Ok, so, on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised. I spotted this skater dress on their website in the summer and thought..ooh!? that’s nice!….. and managed to try one on when birthday shopping. and I loved it! so I was a very lucky bunny and my step-mum bought it for me! and the belt, cos it needs it I think!

I’m so glad it was my birthday because even in the sale it was still expensive!

I like this outfit, I like twirling in it 😀 I wore it to a Retro tea – dance type thingy and it was great for a boogie 🙂

The necklaces are from the market and Matalan, earrings £1 from Primark in the sale and shoes are very old from a sale at Evans also!

I suppose the lesson today is not to rule out a shop just because most of it is overpriced and ugly 😛 there’s always the odd item worth grabbing, and sales are your friend!

………….and thank goodness for the internet!!


Have a great day, Haziefantazie xxx

Amazing video!! *Tess Munser’s wardrobe Revealed! *

Published February 26, 2013 by ditsyhaze


I Love TheCherrydollface and I love Tess Munster, so I was really happy dance-happy to see this video posted today!

I pretty much want all of tess’ wardrobe. especially the galaxy dress, pencil skirt and kitty ears!

There is a list of all the shops in the description box under the video- Enjoy!

Fatshion Feb 26th – sugar skull earings, Yeah!

Published February 26, 2013 by ditsyhaze

feb26 OOTD


Must not be mean about old lady neck…must not be mean….must not!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

and breathe!!

ok so!,  today’s outfit!

Earrings- Love Dixie on ebay

Leggings and vest- Sainsbury’s

purple shirt- New look


Pink Bow (for hair)- Miss FooFooVon Ladygarden 🙂

The stripy legs are tights that were ‘one size’ Yeah right! so I chopped them into knee high socks and safety pinned them to my short leggings 🙂

I think I may miss Fatshion feb, Its helping my confidence seeing all the gorgeous ladies doing thier thing 🙂

maybe tho I will be in the habit of  finding nice outfits instead of the fail safe comfy hoody .

We shall see!

fatshionfeb monday 25th :)…But my PJs are sooo comfy!

Published February 25, 2013 by ditsyhaze





feb 25thootd


Hair bow from-

Cardi and vest top – Dorothy Perkins

Leggings- Sainsburies

Shoes- New look

Belt- Evans


Today was one of those days where I felt like staying in my pajamas, and I came close!

But I’m glad I played dress up, and it took 5 mins to do, but I felt so much better just with some eye-liner flicks and a nice outfit. xx

FaTshion February sunday 24th :)

Published February 24, 2013 by ditsyhaze

I’m quite proud of myself today 🙂

I figured out how to use the auto-timer on the camera! 😛 ( I’m not a tech kinda gal, I’m much more a glitter and glue lady!)

Then, I also found a free and rather groovy site called where I was able to make my picture collage, well done me!

so, day 3 of entering the FaTshion feb blog. I feelt a bit of a tit yesterday after I uploaded the photo with the sunglasses on. But then it was there and I just had to deal with it. Like I said in a previous post, Its hard to unlearn old behaviours, and I started to pick at myself with negative thoughts and feeling embarrassed.

So, today I decided not to back down and hide, but to face the insecurities full-on and go for it!

I did my makeup all pretty, and put on my favourite dress from Jordash, and went out to play!


I’m pleased with the outcome and proud of myself for carrying on.

You can see all the entries here-

I hope you are all well and having a happy sunday 🙂

Feb 23rd FaTshion feb entry, Fluffy slippers ahoy!

Published February 23, 2013 by ditsyhaze


Today is a rest day, but I figured, I could still enter!

Yes, the sunglasses are because it is a no makeup day, and because I love them 😛

Have a great day, whatever you are up to 🙂

errmaageerrd! what’s with your face?!

Published February 22, 2013 by ditsyhaze

I don’t like being in photos…

When I pose for a piccy, I have visions in my mind of rockabilly starlets with cherry bitten lips, sun on their skin and wind in their hair..


yeah, that doesn’t happen ……


Not so much glamorous pin-up, more constipated -caught stealing a bike!

I’m sure the trolls have developed new ways of snarkling and tampering with digital technology. turning the (obviously) gorgeous creature captured, into a crayola painted extra from Fantasia’s hippo ballet!

Ah dag-namn it, who am I kidding!

I seem to have developed a cunning escape plan from disappointing photos of myself;

just be a complete TIT in all of the photos of me, then at least I’m supposed to look stupid!

let me show you-


Photo’s being taken, Quick!….adopt a silly pose!


too much tongue!! sorry 😛

and lastly-


Good old fish face!

Now, I do enjoy a good humorous photo, Its awesome to have a giggle. But the truth is, I do it ( the silly faces etc) because its safer to be the one who takes the piss out of myself first. In all honesty, I just wanted a nice photo of myself on a family day out in a beautiful place, But, I project forward to seeing the picture, and then being dissapointed, embarrassed, shamed… so, cue the’ fish lips’!!

Its as if I see myself and think, Shit! is this what I look like to others, how the hell do dare go out in public?!? So to protect myself, I do silly pics.

This, Miss Haze, needs to stop!


stop being afraid of your own physicality. Embrace yourself as others do.


I am loved  and told I am beautiful by my husband, My daughter believes I am pretty like a princess, I like my own quirky style, I enjoy makeup and painting my nails, My friends accept me for me. I have awesome tattoos by talented artists and I genuinely get complements daily for my bright purply-pink hair.

So if the people I care about have no problem with me, and I like who I am, then I really should embrace it and stop sabotaging myself.

I came across an awesome blog today;

It caught my eye because the prize for their competition is gift cards for one of my favourite- and completely out of my budget plus size fashion sites, Domino Dollhouse.   This is my dream outfit, I love it ❤


Its called Fatshion February, The Idea being that throughout the month ( I’m catching this soooo late!) that people take photos of their Outfits each day and submit them to the Fatshion February blog. They encourage plus size, They encourage being bold and quirky, and confident!

I looked through the submissions and found myself getting really enthusiastic 🙂 I felt like I had found a group of like minded people, but people who had taken that extra step, found that extra bit of strength and embraced themselves!

There are no candid ‘Get me I’m such a goof!’ shots. They are photos of gorgeous individuals being themselves and not afraid to stand tall in the face of judgement, and show that they have style and beauty of their own. They are fantastic 🙂

I don’t like being in pictures, But that comes from a place of doubt and unworthiness. I have shed most of that ‘old’ thinking, and I want to shed this leftover relic of a belief /behaviour that doesn’t serve me any-more.


I am excited to put together some outfits for the rest of Feb and submit them to the Fatshion February Blog. I’m excited to be a part of it 🙂

It will take time to un-programme myself from being a harsh critic and seeing the worst, and there will be terrible double chins and constipated faces! but it is me, and I’m ok.

Also, I might give this a go-


Let me know if you do, and how you found it?

Lots of Love

Haziefantazie xxxx



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