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*upward spiral*

Published December 12, 2012 by ditsyhaze

A while back I posted a Facebook status;

“Little by little, I’m doing it. each moment and each choice matters :)”

And you know what, Its true!

All those moments, all those individual decisions and choices, they all add up, and when I see them coming together to form something tangible and real, Its so exciting ! 🙂


I’m so grateful that all my choices are taking me in the direction I want and need. That my intuition is helping me to make the choices that are right for me. I’m really proud of myself 😛

What you think is powerful, You have the power to be your worst enemy or your biggest supporter. For a long time I was bad for ‘me’.

My thoughts were destructive, my self belief  and confidence in tatters, It has taken an age, a whole chunk of my life, but  have built myself back up, I have allowed others to help support and love me, so that I can reach a point of knowing my own self-worth.


But now, I am my own biggest supporter. It feels nice, to be nice to me 🙂

It is a much happier place in my head, and I am going to keep it that way.


Trust your intuition, Allow others to love you, Love yourself.

Its so very hard to start, but once you make a change, make a choice, you can move from spiralling downward, into the Upward spiral. Its awesome, come join me!


You can do it, make a choice, do it for you, Everything will fall into place


Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside ! :D

Published December 9, 2012 by ditsyhaze

Ten things you can do right now to feel all smiley inside 🙂

1- Breathe! really breathe, close your eyes and ‘watch’ your breath. just be aware of how you breathe. make sure you take a nice deep-down-into-your-belly-breath !


2-Stretch, No matter how immobile or creaky you are feeling, just stretch out whatever you can, reach up to the sky and down into the earth.. 🙂 


Wiggle wiggle!

3- Listen to music, whatever makes your heart sing and your toes tap, or if you need to relax, I like this-  

4-  Visit the Random Acts Of kindness website, they send you an email each day giving you a simple random act to perform, they definitely make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!



5- tell someone you love them! (maybe it could be you?)

6- connect with nature! in anyway possible.


7- List 5 things you are grateful for right now 🙂

*my comfy sofa

 *spawn and spooky mog snuggled next to me

* My new soft carpet 🙂

*the internet connection!

*My hubby’s cold is getting better-phew!

…see easy peasy 😛 Ok, where did we get to?

8- Make your bed! nope I’m not going doo-lally, apparently it really does make a difference!, try it and let me know 😛

9- plan a phone call with someone special, or if it isn’t unreasonably late- call them now! 🙂


10- congratulate yourself on making it all the way to number TEN!! woo ‘go you’! ( you gotta  celebrate the little things!



What do you do to feel the joy?

Till next time- Love you, Mwah! xxx



You have not been invited to my Happy Place!

Published December 3, 2012 by ditsyhaze

Space invaders… How do you deal with them?!

I’m talking about energetic, psychic, daggers from the eyes type space invaders.


I’m happily bouncing about in my bubble of calm and peace, sending out smiles, and kindness when Boom! Someone’s energy pops the hell out of my bubble, tramples all over it and leaves me shaken. 😦 It is a horrible feeling.


After the initial trampling has happened, I feel all whirled up inside and it brings up all sorts of negative sensations.

But then, I get all angry. I get angry about how they treat me, and how others let it happen right in front of them. But then  I get angry at myself for allowing their negativity to bother me.


(he he.. I love that picture!)

The point is, that I know I can’t change the people that upset me. I can’t cut them out of my life completely either, so there will be times that I have to deal with ‘this’.

I want a way of taking the power out of the situation. I have tried ignoring it, all the way through to being overtly obvious and challenging about it..but it all leads to me feeling all kinds of awful.

I wan’t to look after me. I deserve my bubble.

What do you do when you are faced with Energy annihilators?


Please share 🙂


Taking your health into your own hands is your right! Mentally, physically and spiritually!!

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